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WooCommerce: No PO Boxes

Please note that this plugin is no longer being maintained.

This page will stay because it contains documentation for those that its still working for.

Download links have been removed.


The WooCommerce No PO Boxes Plugin restricts the use of PO Boxes during WooCommerce checkout. It contains a configurable message to display when a PO Box is attempted to be used. Will not limit the use of PO Boxes for carts that only contain digital products.



Filter: mwnpb_restrict_shipping_method

Example Usage

add_filter( 'mwnpb_restrict_shipping_method', 'mwnpb_restrict_shipping_method_example', 10 );
function mwnpb_restrict_shipping_method_example( $restrict_shipping_method = FALSE ) {

     * This filter defaults to FALSE. And only fires when a shipping method is NOT
     * restricted from P.O. Box shipping.
     * This allows you to have exceptions in specific situations to not allow P.O. Box shipping 
     * to a shipping method that would normally allow it.

    // Set $restrict_shipping_method to TRUE to disallow P.O. Boxes
    // (DEFAULT) Set $restrict_shipping_method to FALSE to allow P.O. Boxes

    return $restrict_shipping_method;


Filter: mwnpb_allow_pobox

Example Usage

add_filter( 'mwnpb_allow_pobox', 'mwnpb_allow_pobox_example', 10, 3 );
function mwnpb_allow_pobox_example( $allow_po_box = FALSE ) {

     * This filter defaults to FALSE. It is fired immediately before stopping the
     * checkout process from continuing.

    // Set $allow_po_box to TRUE to allow a P.O. Box ship to address in specific situations
    // (DEFAULT) Set $allow_po_box to FALSE to disallow a P.O. Box from being shipped to.

    return $allow_po_box;


Filter: mmwc_restricted_message

Example Usage

add_filter( 'mmwc_restricted_message', 'mmwc_restricted_message_example', 10, 3 );
function mmwc_restricted_message_example( $message, $restricted_string, $field_with_restricted_string ) {

	// use $restricted_string to customize $message based on different conditions. 
	// use $field_with_restricted_string to customize the message based on what field the restriction occurred in

	$message = 'This is the message I want to display now instead of the saved one from the dashboard';

	return $message;


Filter: mmwc_restricted_words

Example Usage

add_filter( 'mmwc_restricted_words', 'mmwc_restricted_words_example', 10, 1 );
function mmwc_restricted_words_example( $words ) {

	 * You'll need to modify this example function since a number of different filtering options are being used.

	// Remove options by word (has to be exact to what is in `MajeMedia_WC_No_Po_Checkout::restricted_strings()` );
	if ( ( $key = array_search( 'word I do not want to filter', $words ) ) !== FALSE ) {
		unset( $words[ $key ] );

	// Remove strings by array_key from `MajeMedia_WC_No_Po_Checkout::restricted_strings()`
	unset( $words[ 0 ] ); // unsets "po box"

	// Add an additional string
	$words[] = 'my new restricted string';

	// delete all restricted strings from default plugin and define your own
	$words = array( 'my restriction 1', 'my restriction 2' );

	return $words;

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