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WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a powerful platform because what we can do with it is endless. Purrly Digital can source, extend, or create WordPress and WooCommerce plugins to make your ideas real.

Hosting Management and Maintenance


WordPress plugins can help us achieve amazing things in WordPress, but not all plugins are not created equal. We have an exhaustive list of criteria when we source an existing plugin for your site.  When we use a plugin on your project we make sure to test it in a safe environment before installing it to make sure to protect the speed, stability, and security of your site.


The WordPress ecosystem has a number of plugins that have been made extendable by their developer teams. If we can find a plugin we can extend to meet your needs, we can save on the cost of custom development. We take the same level of care in selecting which plugins to extend and we follow best practices in plugin development.


When we outline project requirements during planning with our clients, sometimes we discover the need for plugins that don’t already exist. With our extensive WordPress expertise we can create custom plugins for your project.

WooCommerce: Override Default Coupon Type

When creating a coupon WooCommerce sets the default value to "Fixed Cart Discount". If you find yourself often using a different type of coupon then use this plugin to set the default type. Instructions: Download the latest release from github…

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