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WooCommerce: Show Empty Categories

Please note that this plugin is no longer being maintained.

The download links have been removed.



The WooCommerce: Show Empty Categories allows your site to show categories that either have no products or have no available products. This can help situations where your categories contain useful content that your site’s visitors may need and you need to continue to show that content even if the products assigned become unavailable.

If you’re the type that prefers functions.php snippets this is where you can find the code snippet for this plugin.


  1. 1. Have WooCommerce installed and activated
  2. Install & Activate the “WooCommerce: Show Empty Categories” plugin
  3. Go to Customizer => WooCommerce
  4. Click “Product Catalog”
  5. Change “Shop Page Display” to “Show categories & products” OR “Show categories” (Screenshot 4)
  6. Change “Category Display” to “Show subcategories” OR “Show subcategories & products” (Screenshot 4)
  7. Click “Publish” or Schedule the pubish using the gear icon



There are currently no extension opportunities for this plugin. Please submit ideas in the form below

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