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The National Conference for Immunization Coalitions and Partnerships (NCICP) is the only conference solely dedicated to collaboration and partnership as a way to improve immunization uptake, educate our communities, and prevent the spread of disease.


Through the years, NCICP, formerly known as the National Conference on Immunization and Health Coalitions, developed and launched a new website every year for their annual conference. This resulted in the need to re-brand, and get the word out about the new website URL, every single year.


Allowing the hosts to select a theme and having a flexible web design was important to the NCICP organizers, but starting in 2024, the conference will have one main logo, with one website address,

Taking design cues from this year’s prospectus designer, Purrly Digital created a vibrant, Philly-themed site for the 2024 conference, while establishing some standard elements organizers can use year after year.

Helping maintain and manage the site also takes some of the load off the organizers, to help them focus on the important things like getting scholarships and sponsors for the event and creating an educational experience for the nation’s immunization coalitions and their partners.

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