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WordPress Maintenance Done Right

Our WordPress maintenance process takes what typically is only available to larger corporations and makes it affordable to small businesses and non-profits. We provide a personal touch to maintaining, securing, and managing the hosting of your site so that you can focus on running your business. We become a member of your team, monitor your site 24/7/365, make critical updates in a timely fashion, and help you plan for the future.

Hosting Management and Maintenance

Hosting Management

We thoughtfully consider your business needs and identify hosting solutions to keep your website stable, secure and fast.

Your website is a critical component to your business and keeping it secure is a top priority. With common sense and extensive server management experience we work to greatly reduce your exposure to known security vulnerabilities.

Not only will we keep your site and server secure and up-to-date; we’ll also make it fast. We will speed up your site with our deep understanding of caching and the reasons that websites can become slow.

WordPress Maintenance

Keeping your WordPress installation, plugins, and themes updated to the latest, most-secure version is important in keeping your website working as well as the day you launched.

We take a planful approach to updates and our careful testing process helps to make sure things will still look the same and work as well as you expect after an update is done. If your site has custom code it’s not a problem for us, that’s our specialty.

Why we're different.

Our approach to maintenance is defined by the knowledge we’ve gained building custom WordPress sites and our 20 years of experience working with enterprise sites for their software and site updates and deployments. Businesses that rely on site uptime never make updates directly in production where visitors and clients may be impacted. Instead, they make and test changes in a cloned site, and once the final changes are approved they launch the code.

The standard WordPress method is just fine 95% of the time. But every once in a while a plugin update fails, some plugins dependent on another one that’s updated loses features, etc. We want you to avoid that 5% since that’s the most stress you’ll encounter as a business owner.

Let’s keep your site running and update it only when we know that your customers and visitors are still going to be able to see what you intend for them to see.

Every time maintenance is run on your site you’ll get a personalized report detailing the changes that were made. Download the report for to see it.

Maintenance Features

Price ranges are for small businesses and non-profits only. We are able to help and perform maintenance on larger corporate sites but that pricing is based on the organization’s process and liability placed on Purrly Digital.

  • Monthly fee: $125/month/site* (discounts for multiple sites and referrers)
  • Setup fee: $270.00* (one time)

* unless special situations are applied (not typical)

Certificate of Professional Liability Insurance is available upon request.

Please note—special situations may exclude some features from being possible.

Our maintenance package has the following features:

  • Site Themes, Plugin, WordPress Core updated every 30 days to the latest available version
  • Daily security scanning for malware and file changes
  • Every minute checks to be sure your site is online
  • ASAP Server software upgrades when security vulnerabilities are found
  • ASAP WordPress Theme, Plugin, and Core upgrades to the most secure version when security vulnerabilities are found
  • Site process tests custom to your site's features
  • New tests when new features are added via custom development
  • Version control of your site's files (does not include uploads)
  • Security plugin installed/configured/maintained
  • Caching plugin installed/configured/maintained
  • Daily backups of site files (including uploads) and database (your content)
  • Backups stored on server
  • Backups stored on Purrly Digital's Amazon Web Service's S3 service account
  • Weekly backup file checks (database & site files)
  • Detailed report of updates, including the new version number
  • Theme My Login: Redirection plugin for user/customer logins (value $10/year/site)
  • Access to Gravity Forms and any/all add-ons from (value $259/year)
  • Akismet key enabled and setup for integration with Gravity Forms (value $5/month)
  • Access to Advanced Custom Fields Pro (value $49/year/site)
  • Access to WP All Import (including WooCommerce, Advanced Custom Fields, User Import, and Link Cloaking add-ons) and WP All Export ($249 value)

Our setup fee covers the following:

  • Version control set up
  • Initial site testing creation
  • Security plugin setup
  • Caching plugin setup and testing
  • Back up routine setup and testing
  • Theme My Login setup and configuration for customer/user logins
  • Theme My Login redirection extension for URL redirects
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