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Street Smart Creative approached us regarding a need for a custom plugin that would allow rules to be set for product pricing.

The biggest need: It had to do more than currently available custom pricing plugins and better serve the B2B community.

WooCommerce: Custom User Pricing Rules was born.


Other pricing plugins available on the market (free or for sale) didn’t go far enough. Usually they ONLY allowed for percentage based discounts for varying levels of specificity regarding products. Often the pricing would ONLY show up in the cart and/or checkout pages.

This plugin needed to be specific enough to allow for wide-ranging situations that the B2B audience encounters in their day to day sales (contract negotiations, trade show meetings, etc).

The custom pricing also needed to be displayed site-wide for products affected.


What we ended up with was a completely integrated rules solution that could be applied on a per user basis. It covered all the things related to products in WooCommerce (Variable, Variations, Simple, Attributes, Categories, Tags) and works on a prioritization method for logic flow.

It was also built with performance in mind for the customer. A number of the demographic sites have higher traffic loads and doing large and slow queries during page loads was simply not an option. Solution: a combination of custom tables that auto-update as things within WordPress/WooCommerce happen and a methodology of only run queries when you need to.

This top-down approach works well with or without caching and uses minimal code-level logic to prevent longer load times.


Rebecca has been the most amazing developer I’ve had the pleasure to work with. What sets her apart is that she is willing to take the time to explain and show her code which is well commented and formatted. While most developers only care what happens on the front end, Rebecca truly cares about the technical side on the backend, and ‘future proofs’ her code as much as possible. She’s a true solution provider.

— Randy Dueck, Owner, Street Smart Creative

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