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Purrly Digital Solutions

Website Best Practices: Practice Everyday SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is neither mystical nor magical. It's a blend of guidelines and actionable steps that, when followed…

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Solutions Consulting

3 simple ways to own your digital presence

When people find old, outdated information online it creates a sense of distrust. Don't let abandoned socials, or listing you lost access to do any damage to your reputation.
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Website Builder

Website Best Practices: Know your customers

Knowing your target audience makes all the difference in how effective your strategy or website will be. If you don't…

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WordPress Security

Website Best Practices: SSL Certificates are a Must

HTTPS websites, which are sites using SSL certificates, used to be reserved for sites collecting private data, but that’s no…

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Get help with your small business website.

Website Best Practices: Don’t Let Your Accounts Lapse

Account Lapses Can Cost You Most of the accounts you will have for your website can be renewed yearly, and…

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